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11-26-2011, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
For a stat like this, it's always a good idea to look at the ENTIRE chart before jumping to conclusions.

In general, it's difficult to sell tickets for seats that you don't have - if the capacity of your venue is 18,000 and you sell every ticket, does that mean fans didn't show up compared to another team that has a venue that seats 21,000, but only had an average of 18,500 in attendance? Toronto is always in the top 5, but if they had a big enough venue, they could probably sell double the tickets they do now.

The much more accurate way to gauge attendance is to sort that chart by home attendance percentage. That gives you a much more accurate representation of the true fan interest. You'll notice that some teams are over 100% Some venues allow standing room tickets - some cities specifically prohibit them. Some teams count luxury box tickets in addition to the general seating, but don't count those seats in the announced capacity (the Kings do it that way).

Using the percentage of seats rather than just the total number of tickets sold paints a different picture. On the season you linked, the Ducks were 17th at 95.4% while the Kings were 19th at 91.1% - that was their Cup winning season. In the 2007/8 season, the Ducks were 5th at 102.6% while the Kings were 18th at 92%.

2008/9 Ducks 15th 98.9% Kings 20th 89.1%
2009/10 Ducks 20th 88.3% Kings 18th 93.6%
2010/11 Ducks 22nd 85.8% Kings 13th 99.8%

In all honesty, all teams have hardcore fans and fair weather fans.

My point is, and was, that this is a really easy hockey team to be a fan of. In the last 10 years they have been in the playoffs 6 times.

In those 6 times, they won the Stanley Cup, Lost in the SC finals in 7 games, and made it to the Conference finals.

This is a successful team in a city with no sports teams except the Angels to follow.

There is understandably fluctuation in our attendance given the lack of success this team has had over the last 10 years.

Anaheim has had a TON of success in the last 10 years and they still can't fill the seats? How are they not selling out games?

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