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11-25-2005, 12:08 AM
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Its hilarious to see somone defend a racist, dirty, cheap-shotting hockey player that continually tries to RUIN star players careers nights in and nights out. He doesn't just agitate, he constantly attempts to injure. He cross-checked Hordichuk in the throat earlier in the game as well, which probably also played a factor when Avery clearly skates in trying to board the heck out of Kariya when the game is blown wide open. Gutless, and a jerk, Avery has done this for years. The kid has some nasty wheels and decent offensive talent, but he wastes it with his despicable play. I have watched him do this for so long, it just enfuriates me that the refs continue to ignore the crap he pulls. The Kariya hit was a CLEAR penalty, and what he did to Hordichuk to begin with is ridiculous. He is a coward, plain and simple. You King homers coming on here claiming that it is easy to call Avery a coward behind our computer monitors......well, your right. Its easy because ITS SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. Hordichuk falling to the ice was hilarious, and I hope that it shamed the gutless puke he was mocking.

As for the game, we OWNED you King fans. We flat out DOMINATED you for 55 minutes of the game. We took you to town on the PP, kicked your butts on the PK, and killed you with our speed. Not only did you revert to clutch/interference tactics the entire game, you looked silly doing it as we skated around you/dodged your hits the majority of the time. Aside from your boarding penalties (Demitra, and the uncalled Avery vs. every player on the Predators team), we dished out just as much as we recieved to a much bigger/physical team.

Fun game, 300 short of a sell out. I was hoping for some tacos the entire time. I think our problem at the end of the games is we stink at clearing the puck. We can't clear crap, and are so afraid of an icing penalty that we refuse to shoot at the open net. *Psst...we had a 3 goal lead, shoot the friggen puck!!!*

Perrault, your awful.

Upshall, you belong in the NHL.

Vokoun, you should have had that second goal

Hordy, thanks for pounding the most hated player in the league, and doing it with fire. He came in flying, knew the guy would turtle, and still blasted the crap out of him.

Its funny, I think our bottom two lines have been more effective with Captain Greg out of the lineup. I think it might be worth a shot to let Greg take the second line duties, scratch Perrault for a game, and see what happens.

Hartnell got robbed on a few goals, and Kariya continues to get a breakaway attempt a game .

Lastly, I don't care what anyone says, Avery's comments were out of line, not to mention hypocritical. Next time you come here, expect more of the same..... WE RAGGED ON YOU THE ENTIRE 3rd period. We had chants going for probably the last 10-13 minutes, and we will do it every time you set your gutless body on the ice.

/end rant

- Enoch -

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