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11-25-2005, 01:28 AM
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Why can't either of you simply answer the question?

I clearly stated I am not trying to start anything but just want an answer from fans who have seen every Kings game this year.

Originally Posted by Reaper45
Turtle is when you decline to fight face to face. When Hordichuk tackles you from behind, it's not turtling.
Ok, whatever, that still doesn't answer my question.

Turtling is making the act of curling up into a ball to avoid getting hit. That's what he did. I'm not discussing the incident this evening, but I am asking how many times exactly he's done it this season.

I can count of three, but I have not seen every Kings game and want to know if there have been more.

Originally Posted by Beauty, eh?
I can't speak for the other times (because I don't remember if/when they happened) but in tonight's game, why would he have fought? The Kings were trying to get back into the game and he had no reason to fight. That decision was evidenced by the fact that we received a five minute power play out of Hordichuk's actions. There really was no reason for him to fight, as the game was not completely lost at that point.
I didn't ask why he didn't fight.

I didn't even discuss the situation whatsoever.

I asked a question.

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