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11-25-2005, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by RoyIsALegend
I don't think it was that hard to understand, but I'll type it out for you.

You're joking around that Simon Gamache is a star, yet you have a 3rd line forward as a 'God' under your name.

Is it too difficult to understand?

Well that sure cleared it up. Lets see....

1) Preds fan states that Avery takes runs at 'star' players

2) Preds fan is asked by Kings fan 'which star players has Avery taken a run at'

3) Kings fan responds 'they probably think Gamache is a 'star'

4) Avs fan states 'says the person with Dustion Brown is God...'

I still fail to see your point as it pertains to the topic at hand. Had I proclamied for no apperant reason 'Ha ha, they think Simon Gamache is a star player' then perhaps we could discuss the hypocrisy of that statement. As it was stated in context, it IS rather difficult to understand.

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