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11-25-2005, 04:22 AM
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If I may add to this thread.

Posters come here to vent their opinions of Sean Avery, yet it's almost as if this surface level hate is rooted from a sub-conscioius love for him. The desire of posession; the yearing and longing for Avery to be a part of their team's organization, yet the frustration of not being able to posses him leads to their erruption of disdain. The FACT that Avery contributes positively more often than not for the win or the possibility of a win is often the envy of other fans. Their hate stems from love. Therefore we as humans are obligated to encourage them to continuously speak their minds. To help them discover and be able to deal with this deep seated love/obsession. To help them understand the source of their unhappiness and to help them remedy their confusion in hopes that they may become better and more productive members of society. I would even go so far as to say, there is a direct correlation with their childhood experiences and parental relationships.

To all those who are displaying the ever rampant Avery Sucks Syndrome or more commonly referred to as A.S.S., in the words of the immortal Sigmund Freud, TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MOTHER.

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