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Originally Posted by panthersflames1 View Post
Thanks. Totally OT but before i post i wanted to say you guys got robbed of the extra point tonight. The problem in the game today is refs blow whistles too quickly tonight they swallowed their whistles for some reason. Cough pittsburgh favoritism cough.

Anyways on to this issue. It is no secret the florida panthers can be considered one of the most laughable organizations in hockey. Being without playoffs for 11 years would do that to any american team.

For a bandwagon town such as south florida (Lebron James Miami Heat etc) what fans that were created in the 1996 stanley cup run were quickly dismantled in ensuing decade and a half of mediocrity. That being said there has always been a small diehard fanbase of loyal panther fans who attend every game, are season ticket holders, and are frequent visitors to hf boards.

The semi-annual visit of the montreal canadiens has been a hot button issue ever since the panthers started playing in south florida. Due to snowbirds and winter visitors from quebec the game is probably the most lopsided away fanbase attendance for a game across all professional sporting venues (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL).

Away fans are common at many games at the Bank Atlantic Center including NY area teams, Toronto, and most notably Montreal. To be frank, without the nhl scheduling these northen teams to play during winter months and usually during holiday weeks the panthers ticket sales and revenue would be much lower than it currently is.

I have personally attended several panthers-Canadiens matchups at the Bank Atlantic Center and it is a very unusual experience.

I want every habs fan to imagine for a moment playing a home game against the toronto maple leafs where 5,000 of your fans are in attendance compared to 15,000 maple leaf fans. Would you want to go to that game?

Many panthers fans including diehard season ticket holders with attend 39 home games instead of 41 for the simple fact that is not fun being in your home arena and feeling like an outsider. It could possibly be the worst feeling for any fan in any sport.

Even if the panthers went 82-0 ten seasons in a row, i still believe that montreal fans will outnumber panthers fans at the bank atlantic center because you guys are the most passionate fans in the sport of hockey. Thats the way it is and always will be.

To Lshap: I wish i was a mind reader but im not. When you posted the thread on our boards, regardless of attitude or intent it was seen by many die hard panthers fans including myself as a personal attack against our organization. If you notice panthers attendance has been much better this season averaging over 17,000 a game. Further, panther attendance by actual panther fans is increasing drastically due to the team's recent success.

But south florida is not unlike other sunbelt markets or markets in pittsburgh, chicago, or washington who all averaged awful attendance when they had subpar seasons.

I would personally invite you to come to a panther home game against any other opponent besides montreal to get a better measure of our fanbase and the home atmosphere that inspires our team.
This is a great post. Points taken. For my part, I'll repeat my apology to you personally: I honestly didn't mean to offend anyone in your fan base. If I did, it was unintentional and I am sorry. I absolutely loved being in your arena last year and am psyched to be going again, but NOT because it's packed with Montrealers. In fact, I'd PREFER to see/hear/meet more Panthers fans in their home. That's one of the main appeals of going to another arena for me -- to feel like I'm away and absorb the culture. So I started that thread on your board last month in the hope that last year was some anomaly and y'all would be coming this year, and found out quickly that it was a dumb thing to do. I didn't know that game was a sensitive point for the real Panther fans here on HF; of course, the fact that you were passionate enough to blast me is a pretty good sign.

I'm glad you guys are having a solid season thus far, and I hope it's the start of better things to come for its loyal fans.

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