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11-27-2011, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeds2StepOpus View Post
No, I'm totally right on both counts.

Since when is "standing there and letting the guy come in on a breakaway" his only option? O h wait, he's a goalie. His job is to stop the puck on breakaways. Not go out and obstruct and physically engage with a player.

But regardless, your own words betray you. You admit Miller physically obstructed and engaged with Lucic. And in doing so, he's just like any other skater out there: subject to clean, hard checks.

If Miller does not want to get flattened by clean, hard checks; then he shouldn't engage in physical content. This nonsense with goalies be allowed to do whatever they want is pure garbage. If they want to engage, then there are consequences for engaging.

Don't want to suffer the consequences? Then stay in the net and make the save. Or if you go out there (out of your crease), play the puck, move it along quickly and get back to your net. Don't try to physically obstruct the opponent and nsdon't try to throw a shoulder or shove into an opponent. quite simple, really.

And don't go repeatedly whining like some 11 year old bratty little girl about how you got leveled. Miller is an embarrassment.

What amazes me is that the league hasn't gone adfter Muller for publically calling Lucic a piece of *****, twice. I mean, if Sean Avery says that.....Gary Buttman creates a whole new " Kill Avery Commitee" ....creates 15 new Anti-Avery Rules and bans Avery for three years.

This spineless whiner Miller says it and the league doesn't even blink and eye.
Because Lucic broke the rules. It is extremely clear that under no circumstances can you hit the goalie.

While I think its absurd for him to be allowed to play the puck that far out of his net and not risk consequences is beyond me.

And just so you're aware a goalie is never, by the rules, subject to "clean hard checks."

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