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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Do you think for a second that I give a **** if you think I'm not a Rangers fan? Just because I'm not blinded by loyality to the team and organization the way a lot of the fans who post on this forum are doesn't mean that I don't support them unconditionally. I merely stated a fact due to a quirk in the schedule, we haven't played any of the upper echelon teams in the east as of yet and so I'll reserve my judgement of the team's success until we play and have success against the teams that I mentioned in my post. As far as Marc Staal is concerned, I've said it hundreds of times on these boards that he is a very good defensive defenseman but he is NOT a #1 d-man in any way. He would be on the 2nd pairing on half the teams in the league.
Being unconditionally loyal and blind to pessimism doesn't make you a true Ranger fan. However, your logic is beyond any understanding at all when it comes to this team.

While I understand the point you're trying to make, the way you go about doing so is madness. The Rangers are a good team, not an elite one. They can beat the elite teams (see the last 2 games) but could end up not showing up at all (see the previous 2 games) and that's why they're not an elite team... consistency. Their offense still struggles to generate shots, and Eminger and Woywitka (who are both playing way more minutes than they can actually handle) are nothing more than borderline 6th defenders.

However, Staal is a true #1 defenseman in this league, like it or not. The guy is starting to put up points (after being held back by Tom Renney) while playing 25-30 minutes a game of shutdown hockey against the league's best forwards. However, what he is not, is an ELITE #1 defenseman, like a Lidstrom, Doughty, Weber, Keith, or Chara. Those are the standard of the game. They are the measuring stick. Staal is a good step below them, being that he doesn't have the offensive skills to hang with those guys.

However, I do understand where your mindset with the team comes from. You're a bit more of a realist than some on here. Which I'll give credit for, but you make me look like I took happy pills in terms of how cynical you are.

Originally Posted by Wolskii View Post
In order to support a team unconditionally you actually have to support them to begin with and that was all I was saying. Not to mention every single post reeks of arrogance which makes it hard to engage in a conversation which is one of the main reasons why we all come here.

As far as Staal is concerned you make vague posts with tons of opinion and have no facts to back them up, see the ending of the Staal thread.
He makes me look like I'm Mr. Rogers in terms of cynicism.

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