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11-27-2011, 01:53 PM
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Bryzgalov became complacent after signing that big contract. He got his retirement deal he was looking for and now with No Movement and No Trade clauses, he can essentially give management the big middle finger salute. You'd figure the professional athlete in him would want to live up to the billing, but there has been no defending his play because he hasn't been very good.

As for Eriksson, it was a mistake the Flyers made by not signing the guy. The guy had one season in which he suffered through some adversity and now he's one of the best goaltenders in the SEL as a result. Coincidence? Not very likely. The guy has been a great goaltender throughout his entire career. Once again, the short sightedness of this franchise rears it's ugly head.

They got caught up in the hype of Niko Hovinen. He's only had one full season in which he's done anything signficant and while he's repeating his performance this year, I'll still stick with the player who had the larger body of work in which he's been consistently good. And honestly, Eriksson is tearing it up in the SEL this year. 13 Games Played, a .937 Save Percentage and a 1.67 Goals Against Average, yet Holmgren and company couldn't find a way to get this guy under contract.

And that's what irritates me about Flyers management. Every time Holmgren does something great, he follows it up by doing something incredibly stupid. For once, I wish the man would quit throwing crap at a wall and seeing what sticks and actually have some sort of plan in place with regards to building a team and keeping the pipeline stocked with good talent.

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