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11-27-2011, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by holyhabs87 View Post
RDS has no problems with people saying the f bomb or airing players saying it. It's happened numerous times.
Thing is, it's funny that on english tv they censor it when you can CLEARLY read lips. The crosby goal in his first game back was followed by a very obvious "F yeah!". Who do they think they are fooling? Yes, I'm sure an 8 year old who knows those words can't figure that one out. Maybe Crosby shouldn't react like that if he's such an ambassador (just to be clear I'm being sarcastic). Pro players swear. Hiding it is dumb.

Anyway, aside from the egregious error by the refs (I've lost my voice from booing at the game), I see the boards are flooded with Pacioretty is the biggest hypocrite, should have died on the chara hit, dirtiest player, etc.

From all the replays this is what I see (and what is actually being commentated by CBC!):
- Letang cuts across
- Looks up, sees Patches. At that moment if they make contact it's 100% shoulder to shoulder despite the height difference
- Letang opts to shoot (millisecond response) which causes him to lower his head to be lined up with Patches shoulder.
- MP doesn't leave his feet, goes straight in his line of motion and catches Latang bent forward just enough to his his nose

The whole point of the check is what? Separate the man from the puck. Also to prevent the guy from taking a shot. If Letang sees him and decides to take the hit, then he's basically putting his head, knowingly in line with Pacioretty's shoulder. It happened fast and if there was no shot, play would be "Letang gets plastered by Pacioretty on clean hit". I don't like players being hurt, but IIRC Shanahan told Alfie that players are supposed to brace themselves for contact (in a very ironic situation).

God I hate the Toronto media (which is synonymous with the Boston media).

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