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11-27-2011, 02:54 PM
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My little sister plays squirt A travel, and was in a tournament. They were playing some team and the reffing wasn't exactly consistent or very good, but they were not favoring one side or anything, they just sucked (no offense to any refs, but tournament refs around New England for youth hockey suck or are great, there is very little middle ground for these tournaments).
There was a checking penalty called on my sisters team when 2 kids collided, decent call, the kid was being a little too aggressive, played the body and the puck, but nothing even remotely dirty or dangerous. Similar hit happens later in the game no call, same kid on my sisters team initiating the contact. Less than a minute later they call a penalty for checking for even less contact then the call they just let go. The other teams coach loses it, starts screaming at the refs. Gets a 2 minute bench penalty.

Some other call happens later in the game (some hook, which they weren't calling for either team all game before then), the other teams coach goes nuts, gets ejected, puts his team down 5-3 for the second time. The coach goes up in the stands instead of leaving the game, and starts screaming at his kids to start hitting. The ref had to stop the game and gave him another penalty. It was just stupid. The worse part is they let the coach, coach again in the tournament.

I understand getting angry with refs at any level, and arguing calls, but threatening kids and telling your kids to go after players for no reason is just unreal. And if that happens even once, the coach should be banned from coaching for a year.

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