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11-27-2011, 03:05 PM
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I actually really enjoy the tandem of Shorthouse and Garrett. Shorthouse is obviously the better of the two and the more professional, but of late JG has been complimenting him nicely.

The thing is, Garrett is about as big of a homer as you get out there, but he's fun about it and never mean-spirited. Compare that with some other broadcast teams. You'll never hear Garrett laughing at an opponent being injured or anything like that. The most vitriol we get out of him is a sarcastic remark at the refs.

Listening to the two of them is like listening to a couple of pals break down the game. You can tell they're legitimate friends. They rib each other, they argue, and they call each other out when they make mistakes.

And yes, I laugh every time Garrett makes a food critique and Shorty makes a fat joke.

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