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Originally Posted by Needles View Post
I don't have any idea how physical Partanen is. Yeah, he's big. That post didn't say anything about his physicality. And what stuck out to me was "you get the feeling he just hasn't got it at this level". But should he be in the 4th line? Well, I think so. I even had Partanen in my early fantasy rosters. At the moment, I don't see many better alternatives.
My image of Partanen is that he's got the body, isn't afraid to put it on the line and isn't a slump defensively. That does indeed sum up as the best alternative right now, at least in my book.

I apologize if I appear to come across too hard, btw. I try to offer an educated opinion, but despite that, it is still just the opinion of one guy.

Originally Posted by Needles View Post
I wouldn't over-analyze the situation so I would just pick the best big winger available (Hännikäinen). That said, I'm not a professional hockey coach
If Chad's evaluation of him is anything to go by, I'm all for Hännikäinen now, the guy seems to be making all the necessary ripples. It'd be nice to hear though how he fares on PK duty.

I don't think I'm over-analyzing, I'd just try to figure if player's general skillset is constant with the role considered.

When I'm building a fantasy lineup, I'm actually trying to emulate the mindset of the coach than going after my personal opinion. That way, it's always more fun to see how off the mark I was when the final roster is released.

That being said...

Donskoi - MIG - Pulkkinen
MAG - Mustonen - Armia
Salomäki - Barkov - Ruuttu
Partanen - Paajanen - Hännikäinen

would be my current prediction. I've seen some of both Kuronen and Paajanen, and while they're pretty interchangeable on even strength, I do think that Paajanen has the edge on PK. I don't actually know how highly Raipe thinks of a player's ability to contribute to the special teams, but there seems to be some convergence between the policies of U20 and the adult Lions, and Jalonen sure seems to make quite a fuss about it.

Also, no Teräväinen. Why, you must wonder. My current pick for 13th is even more versatile than him, a year older plus he's been far more visible in the U20 games already played.

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