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11-27-2011, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
I'm now in the **** Deveaux crowd.

I can't stand truly dirty hits. This wasn't just an accident. It was one of the more blatantly intentional hits I've seen. It easily could've cost us the game. In the modern NHL where literally every single point counts, that a risk best not taking.

I thought he was a good kid till that play. I don't buy his BS for a second that it was just a dangerous instinct. There was no sign of instinct on that play. Instead I saw pure intention.

Instinct might be bracing yourself for the hit. Instinct might be attempting to avoid hitting someone square in the head knowing the complications that could arise. Instinct is not going 2 feet out of your way to lunge at a guy and try and take his head off. A Callahan elbow in the corner while fighting for a puck is one thing. Dirty? A little, but it's hockey. But an open ice lunging intentional hit to the head like that is not hockey. It's the epitome of dirty. So hell with him. He's easily enough replaced.
I really hope you're being judged by the same, rigid standards in your own life and only hope that you do something that will condemn you to a fate similar to the one you want for Deveaux. You're just as easily replaced I'm sure. I don't care for him either way but you're making him out to be Matt Cooke after one incident.

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