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11-27-2011, 04:53 PM
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Played in a tournament this weekend and the stuff the refs say is just horrible. I play midget house(15-17 years old). We all know we're not gonna make it to even the OHL ever so we play for fun, but the refs and coaches from the other teams say some horrible things. A kid on my team wears an old 1980's cooper bucket spray painted blue and silver with a college cage for ***** and giggles and the coaches are yelling at him calling him a poor farm boy(we live in the middle of nowhere) and so on.

Then at varsity our goalie got hacked at so he told the ref to watch out for that, the ref started screaming at him telling him he was **** and no good at hockey. A few seconds later the other team comes in and rifles one off his mask and over the glass and the ref goes beszerk yelling at him "see you can't even catch the f**cking puck you p*nsy". He never even left our zone for a few minutes even though the play was in the other teams end.

It's brutal

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