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Originally Posted by Aaron Vickers View Post
FC's scouting director Dan Stewart has put together a little piece on players who have failed to impress as we near December. Most teams have played upwards of 20 games, which offers enough of a sample size as to who has impressed and who has slumped to start the season.

Nick Ebert is an example of a slider. He hasn't performed up to expectations this season. Here are others who has us wanting more:

Which begs the question. Who has disappointed you this season?
Ebert easily top on the list. I thought with Ellis gone he would be the guy to step up and take on that role. It may be a case of a player believing his own hype (other people quotes not mine) and his language in interviews seems to echo that. Hopefully the latest rankings will make him realize he has to take more responsibility for his own play.

I also expected more out of Murray, but he has had a shortened season, and that may explain his average start. Its not that he is playing bad, but when everyone is expecting all world best D man Neidermeyer type, and he comes out something less than that, its still a disappointment. Maybe its because my expectations were too high.

Reinhart. I really thought he would be in a position to shine this year, and from all reports has been average at best.

I was not as high on some of the forwards as others were, so their start is not really a disappointment to me. Perhaps too much emphasis was put on a short tourney or NHL R&D camp where game play does not come into it as much. Its much easier to shine in drills and an all star type team than it is to slog it out night in and out over a long season in game time situations where your team may have a number of holes/roles you are expected to fill. Its still 17 yr old kids out there, we are probably expecting too much.

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