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11-25-2005, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingme00
Not sure where hes going with this, but Ill bite.

Yes, players guilty of consistantly using their stick to injure other players should be reviews by the NHL.

If he's referring to Avery, I hope he realizes there are players who commit far worse stick infractions. The points to Avery bashing have been mostly about his turtling and smack talk. Now there's stick work issues as well.....good grief

I would question the strength of Avery's spine for avoiding the consiquences of his actions but I will avoid that since it has been

Yes I am refering to Avery and stick work. I beleive that he uses it every chance he gets when he thinks the refs aren't looking and he can get away with it. I also realize that the refs won't see everything and that we as fans with the benefit of replay do get to see these things but so does the NHL office.

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