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11-27-2011, 09:39 PM
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Two questions:

1. What is this 100/50 fbv stuff everyone keeps talking about? I only know the inch system...

2. I am an excellent skater, very fast, excellent at balancing edges at speed, great endurance and quick explosive mid stride... except When i play on soft ice... I get exhausted and loose all explosiveness

6ft 200 lbs (~10% bf, all legs) 1/2 inch cut on the hard ice partial outdoor rink and i am flying, i am able to accelerate quick change direction on demand and never get tired..

My league rink has very soft ice and it seems like i am skating in mud. I cannot accelerate and maintain speed like i want, i just get exhausted.

I noticed that when skating on the hard ice i am able to do that one legged glide to stop over 15 ft from a fast speed.

At my league rink where the ice is warm i would tip over and break my neck if i tried that.

I assume my cut is too deep.. What cut should i try?

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