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Originally Posted by hkyplayer03
I tried canlan scarborough, and out of 10 classes the instructor was a no show for 3 of them. The level 2 skills were fairly basic, we would start off with crossovers around the blue circles. The rest of the class was skating in the neutral zone, receiving passes from classmates and shooting on net.
It's a shame because that location used to have really a really good adult hockey academy, but the quality of instruction has gone down a fair bit. I remember when I did it back in 2009 the instructors were very personable and would joke around with us. They'd also give us feedback on what we were doing.

I tried taking one again early this summer and just stopped going after the third week. They oversold the class big-time and just ran you through the drills without any instruction beyond a quick demo or feedback as to what you were doing. It was funny because I saw people beside me doing things terribly wrong and probably gave the people around me more advice than the instructors did.

If you get private lessons (or semi-private if you can get some other guys) you'll usually get one of their better guys (at Ice Sports Scarborough it'll likely be Mark or Dennis, both great guys but IDK if Mark is still around) though I'd imagine that it's very expensive.

My advice? If your schedule allows it, go to Stick and Puck. As long as school is in session the AM and PM classes are both pretty empty. Usually you can stake your claim to a section of ice and people will stay out of your way, beyond the odd idiot that skates around like he's the king of the ice. Be prepared to have your pucks stolen too!! I try to do this one a week to work mainly on balance and conditioning.

Hockey Toronto has something called a skills session as well, but I think it's more for people learning the basic fundamental skills of hockey.

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