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11-01-2003, 05:17 PM
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I'm looking forward to see if all that preaching in the media before the season started from management about having the players accountable for their actions was just BS to put the fans asleep or if measures will be taken after yet AN OTHER humiliating stinker like the one tonight. God! It seems that this team can only be good or awful. No in between. But you never know which one is going to show up from game to game... Jekyll or Hide...

I'm thinking about some vets that take it way too cool right now. Sundstrom, Rivet, Audette, Zednik and to a lesser extent Perreault. Is Gainey going to allow Audette to riverdance all night long on the ice for an other 20 games before shiping him where he belongs (minors). Is he going to tolerate the selfish play from Z who's clearly more than ever only looking to increase his stats. When he has the puck, you just know he's going to shoot even if there's a teammate wide open in the crease. Rivet and all his BS about being healthy and being able to take the body more (what body? his?).

Things have to be done here. There's no character whatsoever. Jesus Christ they gave up after one freakin goal against! I'm never going to blame the players when they give it all even if the end result is a loss but that kind of effort (or lack of) is downright shameful.

I'd put Audette in the stands for the next game. Call up Higgs. He might spark some energy among those softies. What is it with this god damn team that always looks great one night and utterly collapses the day after. Is it me or has this team been like this for 5 years now? Something seriously wrong here. Where are the leaders?

Nothing dramatic yet as we're playing for .500 but I'm pissed off about this kind of showing. I know I'd be mad if I paid $50 to go see that horrible display tonight. All that BS about having management make sure all the players give what they should needs to be applied. You cannot, just CANNOT stop working for 2 periods when you just don't feel like it or feel it's hopeless.

Man am I pissed! Might not be my most rational post but I hate to see that kind of horror movie. It disgusts the fan in me. I'm babling, but someone needs to get off his ass and kick a couple of others in that critical area too. There's nothing changed so far. The players give up, panic, play selfishly, etc. Being accountable for their actions? We'll see. So far it's only been words and nothing else...

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