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Originally Posted by greyraven8 View Post
$30 to $40 plus tax in the winter - maybe a bit more if i need a stick and it's summer. Can't justify spending more as it wouldn't make much of a difference with my shot (plus marriage and home ownership and my ability to already waste enough money on stuff I really don't need on my limited paycheck)

Can usually find some on sale - currently using a Rebellion Silver Shadow and a Vic Crossfire. Especially like the Rebellion one. The Vic one has been good but has a bit more curve than I ideally would like.

Just picked up a pair of Graf by Busch G-force sticks this past week for $30 each - haven't used them yet. Though I didn't reallly need them I couldn't pass them up at that price and both have the same small curve I like with out any weird toe or heel angling.

Just playing 'scrub' aka 'pickup' hockey twice a week now, but didn't ever spend over $50 even when back when I was playing beer league a few years ago.

I was a late hold out on using composite sticks and might still be using a wood if the selection of wood sticks hadn't become so limited.

The wood sticks I used to use would usually eventually turn too mushy to continue using more often than breaking. The better cheaper priced composites I have used usually break eventually but last quite a while, but have had certain ones last only a few games and other quickly started chipping off at the end of the blade and soon became unusable - didn't buy those brands again.
its a tough call..

IMO a good wood stick, i.e. 9950 Sherwood is better than a Vic fiberglass composite

I don't spend much time with very "low" end sticks, but I can tell you that a couple vic's i've borrowed on the pond had almost 0 feel and was terrible...
No specific kick point, limp like a wet noodle, and no feel...

IF you don't take slappers or too hard of snapper (i.e. playing pickup or super low level men's league)... a pair of wood sticks would be better than a couple crappy Vic's

however, spent like $60+ a twig on a couple season mid-> high range stick... and thats money well worth spent

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