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Originally Posted by werpudel View Post
if I remember correctly, Miller was lit up quite a bit in his first stints with the sabres. he really only wrestled that no. 1-positon from marty after the lockout. so I'd say that enroth right now is ahead in his development compared to miller at this stage in his career. some up and downs are just to be expected from enroth. but he showed last season over a prolongued span of time that he is able to play as a no.1-goalie.

but, hey, everything can happen in the next yaears
Not really. Enroth has had the benefit of absolutely no competition in the system to be where he is right now.

Miller had a much tougher battle to get on the roster as one of the two goalies let alone win the starters job. We had two other young goalies that were both first rounders that had been very good in the AHL.

1) Biron who was drafted in 1995 (1st rd 16th overall)
- 98-99 he won the Bastien award for best AHL goalie and the Hap Holmes award (the AHL version of the Jennings)
- he took over as the starter in 01-02

2) Noronen was drafted in 1997 (1st rd/21st overall)
-was AHL rookie of the year in 99-00
-won the Hap Holmes award in 00-01

3) Miller was drafted in 1999 (5th rd/138th overall).
-spent 3 years at Mich St. and won the Hobey Baker in 00-01
-won the Bastien in 04-05 as the best goalie in AHL (he actually had better numbers the year before).

Those were the three goalies battling for the starting and backup jobs right before and after the lockout. We all remember the epic GCT. All three had far better pedigress than Enroth has now.

Enroth is our backup because he is NHL ready and we have no one else. Miller was the starter in 05-06 because he beat out Marty and Mika for that spot.

Comparing their development is comparing apples to oranges.

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