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11-28-2011, 04:28 AM
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Originally Posted by MS View Post
Pratt is the worst. Nobody else is able to so effectively combine such a total lack of insight and knowledge into sports with such an exceedingly slimy, unlikeable personality. How that piece of crap has had such a long career is utterly beyond me.
He's entertaining.

I guess I just don't listen to 1040 enough for any of the personalities to really get on my nerves too much. I'll flip it on at different times of the day while I'm driving. If they're taking calls I just turn it off right away - that's one thing I can't listen to. The people calling in either can't talk properly or just have stupid things to say (or some combination of the two).

That Seeking Stanley garbage they were running after playoff games last year had to have been the worst Canucks-related media production I've ever seen. Absolute embarrassment to the city and the team. I'd usually watch the first 10 minutes or so just for a laugh and then turn it off because I couldn't stand it anymore. The only good thing they had going was Cliff Ronning and they seemed much more interested in making fools of themselves than actually letting him talk.

Shane Foxman gets my vote for worst ever.

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