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11-28-2011, 04:55 AM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Oh, please. He's let in more than his share of softies. He has been terrible.

I'm not even counting the deflection goals, etc. He is letting in the easy ones that Boosh and Leights would've been crucified for and he is very rarely making that big save that keeps us in the game. He hasn't been good.

And tbh, i don't care about the defense. Yes they could improve and I think they will once fully healthy, but this isn't about the defense. It's about the fact that Bobs >>>> Bryz, and Bryz is letting in way more softies than Bobs (and he was brought in to stop the softies going in) yet we have Bryz signed forever on a gigantic cap hit.

I wish we could trade Bryz for a bag of pucks @ this point, if only to clear that cap space.
Bob sucked at the begin of the season and now he has had 2! good games and he is already way ahead of Bryz????

Yes, Bryz has struggled so far but so has the whole team at times. If he still sucks at mid of the season, you can start to flame him.

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