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11-28-2011, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
Sorry for the bump but I had my little delusional player moment and need to vent.

I go out there for a hard shift towards the end of our pick up game, wheel the puck into the zone, and lose an edge trying to stop and pass it off behind the net. Gassed, I wheel my way over to the bench. When I come to the bench some loser starts chirping me about being a bad player. Of course on the back of his helmet he's got ASHL stickers plastered all over... I'm sitting on the bench trying to catch my breath and he's all "yeah roll over and die you <expletives>".

Really? We're on the same team in a pick up game! It's not like he's all that good. He's probably on-par with me skating wise (more speed but less balance) but has the hockey sense of a three year old.

I guess he was upset because none of the scouts in the building were going to catch him dipsy-doodling behind the net to throw blind passes into the slot. Yeah, that'll get you to the show.

Argh... I love hockey but I hate the people that play sometimes. /rant
Hahaha the guys with the fifteen ASHL stickers plastered all over their helmets like they're fighter pilots or something. Always the worst players who think they're the best. So funny, I know EXACTLY the type you're talking about.

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