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11-25-2005, 10:55 PM
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I only read a couple of posts on this thread but here's my advise:

1) First off and most important, talk to your goalie. Communication is very important, often you might be screening him/her or you might not see someone going into the slot, your goalie has the best view of all the action around so sometimes he/she needs to tell you what's going on.

2) Try not to screen your goalie, always play the pass first. The one timer is deadly, if your gaolie doesn't need to focus on two men the chances of them making a save goes up exponentially.

3) Don't be afraid of getting down to block a shot. If you drop to your knees and lay your stick out in the passing lane you basically cut off all options that the forward has(atleast without making a great play).

4) Poke check. enuff said.

5) a long stick is great for poke checks and shots from point. the problem is they are heavier and it's harder to puck handle.

6) Communication, yes i said it again! Talk to your goalie and your defenseman. The best defense communicates well, tell eachother to pinch or to stay back. Communication is very VERY important.

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