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11-28-2011, 12:53 PM
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Yea second month is seriously no joke- I had a roommate moved in and he wanted to work out to Ė So I decided to just start over- But this time Iím doing the p90x/ insanity hybrid- this is the big dog of workout routines. Its 3 months long instead of 2 months and you get more muscle mass & the Back work out that insanity lacks. However on the cardio days you sub in insanity so that you donít lose too much of the high end cardio. Here is the link if youíre interested for next round.

@ 66-29-33- You should be about done with the 90 days? Did you make it? What are your results like? Hope you didnít mess up your tail bone that bad, Last year I had to sit on a phone book at work from falling on my tail bone during a hockey game. I canít lie- I did laugh at the image of you crashing to the floor during mid pull up. 

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