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11-28-2011, 02:27 PM
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I was sitting in the stands last year watching a PeeWee Travel B game between the 'Junior' XXX teams of two west coast NHL teams, right between the parents section of each team. The kids on the ice, save for one kid, were basically in-house level in terms of skills and the hockey was really bad. Of course that didn't stop the parents from getting way too into it and eventually start screaming at each other and making fun of each other and the 12 year old kids on the other team.

I was between the groups and just started laughing and shaking my head at both of them. One of the parents made a snide comment toward me, thinking I was for the other team and I told him "no, I just think its hilarious that you people are making fools of yourselves over a youth hockey game with teams two that couldn't beat my kid's in-house team..."

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