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Originally Posted by TBLfan
don't forget to talk during the games. Tell the goalie to let you know that you're screening him. Example: "16(16 being the jersey number) left" or "Brad(being the name or nickname) left" that means that you need to move a foot to your left.

Watch a NHL goalie, he's always screaming and pointing. Remember that the goalie has the best view of the ice/playing surface.

The biggest mistake that you can make on defense is not playing as a cohesive unit. Again, watch the NHL the team that is communicating and working as a unit as opposed to individuals will win every time.

Another tip would be to hang out after the games. I know that i'd personally rather play a game with friends then playing with guys I hardly know. It's just a level of comfort. Talk about the game, ask for tips from them. Compliment them on good plays. After home games quite a few of the tampa bay lightning go out to drink together(this i know for a fact), also during the lockout 4-6 of them played together in practice like scrimages 2-3 times a week. Why would you care about what these guys do after the game? Because these guys are the Stanley Cup champs.
I want to rent the rink a few times this season so we train people on how to play cohesively. Right now, each one does his own stuff and we have no idea what the other has in mind. When the ball comes to us, it is often to our amazement. "I have the ball! What am I supposed to do with it???". Or sometimes it is so obvious to you that your teamate should pass the ball to you. The pass never comes... You want to cry or you get pissed off. People need to know what covering the man is all about. Example: On a draw yesterday, I was defenseman and the other guy offenseman. He asked me if I wanted to cover the defenseman or the winger. I could not believe it!!!

One of the worst thing we do is that we let the pointers completely by themselves in our zone. Then they say the defense collapsed!

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