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11-28-2011, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post

Just because I can't make Terry adopt a more progressive style doesn't mean I can't have an opinion about the line combinations. Or discuss how I think the players should be used. I don’t think anyone wants to see the Kings fail and if these lines produce long term results, then bravo Terry! I just think that the 260+ game résumé Terry has with LA is far more indicative of future results than hoping the latest jumbled lines are the answer to the problem. Switching the lines around will not fix the underlying problems with the offense, it could produce extra offense in the short term, but how is that going to help the team in March and April? Or do you think Hunter is the long term answer at #1 RW?

What is the point of the message board? It's not like any of us can enact changes with the Kings. Nothing that is written here makes any difference with the players or management. Should we just stop giving our opinions? You could always just put me on ignore until Terry is fired.
And you can put me on ignore as well. You don't because you value my opinion. And I don't blame you, i have a lot to add to the discussion.

I didn't say you can't have an opinion. All I am saying is if you don't believe changing the lines is going to have any kind of impact, then why even make suggestions? Is that not double talk?

The point I'm making is that as bad as the team is offensively, they have played better offensively under TM then they are playing now. You and I both know that. So for you to say in one post that it doesn't matter what TM does, the system is still the problem, then suggest that he has messed up the line combos is ridiculous. What does it matter what the combos are if the system is going to be a failure.

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
It really is ridiculous. Every time something negative is said about a player, coach, GM it is met by the same lame replies from the same small group of people.

This is a message board for a team that is currently 10th in the West that is having a hell of a time even scoring 2 goals in a game, what the hell are we supposed to talk about excet for changes?

What do we have to be positive about besides Kopi and Richards?
You guys can say whatever you want and you do. I'm not here to defend Terry or Dean. I think it is borderline comical that you are screaming about "when will people get it?" when the majority of the board agrees with your position on TM at bare minimum at this point.

I didn't say Sydor can't have an opinion. But if you are going to say line combos don't matter then suggest them, i'm going to ask you what in the hell your point is. It is almost as ridiculous as saying "fire the coach" and "fire the GM". Ok, great, we're all on board. Fire them. Then what? Crickets..

I'm really disappointed in how this team has performed so far but the season isn't even close to over. The win a few games and they are right in the middle of everything.

Given you seem to be of the opinion that the personnel AND management are the problem, I'm not sure why you are so disappointed?

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
That's great. I am happy that you are content with the way this team is playing.

But you and your crew should just shut-up about calling people not loyal fans, or saying things like "If you don't like Dean and Murray go cheer for a different team"
First of all, there are no "crews" here. Who is telling you to cheer for a different team? I'm merely of the opinion that as long as those are the people in charge, I'd like to see the team perform as well as they can. I've criticized DL in the past on quite a few occasions. I've agreed with Sydor and yourself on Terry Murray on quite a few occasions.

You are just so damn angry all the time that all you ever want to see is people ramble on with negativity and vitriol. I'm sorry that just isn't my style. I'm a happy person with a positive attitude regardless how poor the KIngs play. ANd if the Kings make you so angry, why don't you take a few weeks off? There is more to life than hockey. Believe me, there was a time when I got pretty upset about it too. Then I reflected on my life and realized that it isn't worth getting mad over. It made watching games so much better. I get frustrated watching but I would never let what happens in professional sports ruin my day. I know you'll ridicule me for giving you a Tony Robbins speech but take a chill pill brother. You have an opinion just as I do. And quite frequently I don't even disagree with you but you don't seem to like my positivity or my indifference to issues I have no control over.

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