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11-28-2011, 06:39 PM
Cassidy Must Go
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Originally Posted by Myllz View Post
For those that have been watching him in Rochester, any major negatives or glaring weaknesses?

I'm intrigued so far.
Nothing too glaring. He is what he is, though. He's certainly not an offensive juggernaut and never will be. He's not a big, accurate shooter, or a puck mover, or a guy who will even rack up the assists. But he's surprisingly good in his own zone at cutting down angles, taking the body, clearing the front of the net, and being in the right position at the right time. You don't see a lot of dumb plays out of him. Basic, simple stuff combined with solid skating for a big man.

Throw the penchant for fisticuffs on top of that, and it's a good recipe. When Conboy smacked Turnbull in the head a couple weeks ago, Finley was right there. He's done that on more than one occasion.

I see it like this:

1) Best case scenario: He's a legitimate 5/6 defenseman in the NHL who can play strong, stay-at-home defense and add serious meat to the blueline. Throw in some offseason boxing lessons, and you have a guy on the back-end who can also intimidate with the gloves off (ala Carkner).

2) Most likely scenario: You have a 6/7 defenseman who plays 40 games a year and fills in during injuries or adds beefs in games where it's needed (ie Boston). His fighting stays where it is: decent if not a bit erratic. He won't be John Scott, but he'll be more than game in that department (ie bigger Mike Weber).

3) Worst case scenario: He's an 8 or 9 guy who you can count on in a pinch if the injury bug bites too deeply, and who otherwise helps your farm team immensely (and in turn, the development of your top prospects).

Considering the worst case scenario is where he's at now, I'd say it was a good gamble on management's part.

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