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11-26-2005, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514
Its crap. this schedule the NHL put in is so lame. Some of the games I always looked foward to was the road trip out west and every year we would play Vancouver on New Year's Eve. The NHL is trying to shove rivalries down out throat and it's doing the opposite. Most of the people I hear from are sick of divisional games.
i could not care less about the west coast trip... i love divisional games, and am uber happy that there are more of them. the only difference i would have done with the schedule is have each division play two other divisions, one away, and the other home... instead of the home and home thing they went with. i also would have put 3 of the 8 divisiona games in the first quarter of the season and 3 of the divisional games in the last quarter of the season. similar to what baseball does.

i do not get excited to see any western teams at all... and i HATE the "well, i want to see the other players" argument. ya know what, help out the league and watch the national telecasts... you can watch them there.

i do get REALLY excited when the Devils are in town, and when the Rangers are good -- as they are this year -- those are really fun as well... those games mean more, and i'm happy to have more of 'em.

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