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11-28-2011, 09:31 PM
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via his site

Talk to him and see what he can offer and what you're looking for. The site gives a list of what he teaches - novice to intermediate as well as advanced players.

He has two entry points September and then in January for adult hockey school on Sunday nights at Vaughan Iceplex at 10pm.

Started ice hockey four years ago like you...thought I could improve by playing more games, but that's not the case since you have limited ice time in league games. So instead I joined in the school and found direction on what I should be doing. Been doing it for four sessions and for me, it's made huge improvements.

The school and just watching advanced players on what they do, I've picked up alot.....but still so much to learn......challenging and always looking to improve.

Sorry, I haven't tried ASHL or Tru North hockey schools/ I can't comment other than Tru North is said to be good for beginners with their split training half the season and then league for the second half.

But like I said, best to chat with Brian and see if his program is what you're looking for.

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