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11-26-2005, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Bullet
Hey, I'm just popping in again. It looks like there will be a lot of guys being drafted out of the OHL this year and I was wanting to get your thoughts on them. I am going to leave a list of the guys I am interested in and it would be great if over the year if some posters would leave little thoughts or scouting reports on any of these players.

John Armstrong
Matt Beleskey
Cal Clutterbuck
Cory Emmerton
Nick Foligno
Bobby Hughes
Dustin Jeffrey
Bryan Little
Ryan McDonough
Jamie McGinn
Oskar Osala
Jordan Staal
Chris Stewart

Michael Caruso
Matt Corrente
John DeGray
James DeLory
Nathan Martine
Theo Peckham
Bob Sanguinetti
Ben Shutron
Mike Weber
I'll only do the ones I'm more familiar with.

Cory Emmerton- Great player, real nose for the net, good skater and has taken his game to another level this season. Definite top 20 pick at this stage IMO. REminds me a bit of Eric Staal when he was in the OHL, good solid player, without amazing tools who just seemed to find a way to score every night.

Bryan Little- Definitely my favorite non-Owen Sound player in the OHL, smallish, but has great spped, great skills and has that extra gear. Not afraid to mix it up despite his size. Deadly wristshot, never seen him miss on a breakaway in three years. Dynamite player, best in the OHL draft crop IMO.

Ryan Mcdonough- Even smaller than Little, but like Bryan has the tools to be a great player. Very dynamic and always seems to have the puck. Has the ability to elevate the play of his teammates. Not as scrappy as Little, but has just as much skill IMO.

Bobby Sanguinetti- Very familiar with his game. Very calm in the defensive zone, never panics and always plays a position game rather than taking the body, which he does very rarely. Is a good skater and shows a lot of confidence carrying the puck. However, he still, at times, needs to make better decisions with the puck. Future powerplay quarterback, great passer, and has a deceiving shot. Best d-man in OHL draft class IMO.

Theo Peckham- Again, very familiar with his game. For a start, he is one of the hardest hitters I've ever seen. He can't really even hit people any more, they fly so far he gets a penalty almost every time. Has no qualms about standing someone up at the blueline and can do it so much better this year now that he is more mobile. He was passed over in the draft last year but I can't see it happening again as he has improved astronomically. Last year he was a pylon, a defensive liability, got beat by opposing forwards because his skating and movement was so bad. This year, he can take more chances defensively because he has the ability to recover and is almost never beat anymore. He is very physical and has the strength to move anyone from the front of the net. He is also a top 5 fighter in the league. He has improved greatly in his puck skills, but will never be a threat from the blueline. Theo is playing with such confidence this year that you can see him transform from an ECHLer to an NHLer right before your eyes. At this moment he is a better player than Sanguinetti.

The draft class is severly stacked towards the Eastern Conference this year, so I simply don't know enough about a lot of these players.

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