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11-28-2011, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by I Will Son View Post
He and Suter play 26 mins + a night against all the top lines. And they still dont screw up like Klein. They get slack cause they do amazing things 90 percent of the time. They mess up everyonce in a while cause they are human. Klein messes up a **** ton more than they do and he plays 18-21 mins a night not against the best. And he has no ****ing offense ability what so ever!

Weber just did what no forwards on our team can do. Hes our captain and that goal shows it.
Klein is a whipping boy ... deserved or not. Even when he does the right thing, he gets roasted here. As usual, when Weber screws up the sheep simply shut up and ignore it. It's called consistency. When a player, no matter what the name on the back of the jersey is, screws up he deserves to get called on it.

Weber's goal is one we'd be lambasting our goalie if it were against us. A simple wrister, unscreened, that Khabi didn't stop. It's the only time all night Weber got the puck on net, unlike Suter with three SOG and Klein with two.

Checking behindthenet ... Weber, Suter, Klein all with positive QUALCOMP stats ... Klein with a negative QUALTEAM stat. (Cube with the best QUALCOMP number of our blueliners)

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