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11-01-2003, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by barnaby63
exactly. why would you boo your own team on OPENING DAY!?

and nedved deserved to be booed and he deserved to be cheered after last season. no arguement here.

what i am talking about, is after some very solid games from simon people here were still saying he was a waste and should be sent to hartford, clearly ingoring what he was doing on the ice. same with poti. he his improving his play in the defensive zone but people still are calling for his trade for lesser talented players just because of last years opinion without taking a look at how he was playing this year. i can keep going if you like but it might take awhile so i wont.

you should get my point.
How is Poti playing so well? His minutes have been cut the last several games and he's no longer on the first unit of the powerplay. He is playing better defense than last season, but honestly, he's just playing average if you look around the league. And his offense appears to have completely disappeared. He has no assists through 9 games. Poti was not brought in to be a defensive defenseman--a job he is not suited for in any case. Sather may not consider him to be the "heir apparent" to Leetch, but he certainly didn't get him for his defense. If he continues this trend he will be seeing less and less ice time.

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