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11-28-2011, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Do you expect to see any of those names in Montreal with in 3 years?
If you answer yes, then can they help us next year? or next? you see what i mean?

There is no question in my mind Habs will push Gallagher.....likely another mistake ..

When i say cleaned out of depth in Hamilton , i mean of guys who can make a NHL IMPACT in a time of need....

If your calling up guys now with only 14 games of pro exp straight our of jr, your depth is scary ...<(in a bad way)
Yes of course! Most of those guys will probably get a few games in if they arn't roster players within the next 3 or even two years. The only benefit for gallagher this season is that he is going to play in the WJC. He has already dominated the W, and was sent down only because there was no room for him on the main roster.

I just don't get how you can judge how someone is ready or not for THREE games just because they only played 14 games in the AHL. You don't make sense!

And by the way... not very many teams have AHL players who are ready to make an impact at the NHL level. That's why they are in the AHL

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