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11-29-2011, 03:22 AM
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This from the Sharks' board after their loss to the Kings:

Originally Posted by sharkie551 View Post
When it was announced that Boudreau was fired from the Washington Capitals, I was actually a bit surprised. Sure he did some questionable things this season and he might have been starting to lose the team, but I found this move to be more of a scapegoat/panic move than anything else. I mean the team was talented, they had started the season 7-0 and they are going to the playoffs? Why fire him now?

Well, this happened, and I actually started thinking about the Sharks and their Head coach. I find the situations in both Washington and San Jose a little similar in that both teams have a ton of talent, but they have a star player who isn't doing anything (Ovechkin for the Caps and I'd say Boyle for the Sharks), teams that have gotten off to some rocky starts, and two teams on paper with the talent to win a stanley cup but haven't been able to leap over the hurdle in the last 4 seasons.

With all the firings lately of head coaches, and the Sharks really not playing well the last three games in a row (The Kings game included), are we on that path where we could see a coaching change here? I'm not saying it's going to happen, and there is a part of me that hopes it doesn't happen, but I'm just throwing it out there for discussion. We all know the Sharks could be a whole lot better, and admittedly tonight they were missing some key components (Handzeus in particular) but I'm looking at this season and the way the Sharks have lost and I wonder if this is up for consideration. Heck, now that Boudreau is avaliable, could you (or would you want to) see him behind the Sharks bench this season or if the Sharks don't make it this year in the next offseason?
LOL!!! People in San Jose think the grass is greener somewhere else too. What a joke!

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