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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Can you imagine the rage when the hurricanes turn it around and pass the habs in the standings? Sometimes I pity the mods on these boards....sometimes.

Rutherford could have played it safe, staying within the family with a Dave Lewis or a Ron Francis — perhaps he even attempted to do so. But in hiring Muller, he makes a smart, bold move that should have other fan bases a little jealous — especially in Montreal.

What's his coaching style? "Very aggressive," said Muller, to the Montreal Gazette after being hired by the Admirals (the Nashville Predators' affiliate):

"You have to be good defensively, you have to be good without the puck," he added. "But since the lockout and no red line, you've got to be able to score and you've got to be able to score at the right time. So I really stress for the guys to be a very aggressive forechecking team, and I tell my forwards that if they want to play here they gotta work … they've got to be workers and do a lot of skating and tracking down and heavy forecheck."
"Everyone has to know how to play without the puck, but when it's a turnover I want it to be a real quick transitional team that's aggressive," he said. "And I challenge the guys that even if you feel like you're a defensive defenceman or a defensive forward, I think everyone's capable of offence and trying to get everybody involved.
Montreal fans already know what he can do behind the bench; alas, "speak French" isn't one of them, so welcome to Raleigh, Monsieur Muller.

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