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11-29-2011, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Disingenuous, liar, etc., is synonymous as far as I'm concerned.

You can't chalk this up to a difference in interpretation, I'm afraid. That's the convenient path people take when backtracking. The fact of the matter is that you interpreted those remarks as an attack on management, and you're free to make any outlandish interpretation you wish. Where you falter is when you then use that interpretation to begin making presumptions about things such as Pacioretty was very close to being traded, and nearly lost. That is beyond interpretation: it is wrong. It's disingenuous, or a lie. There is no evidence to support these statements.

no back tracking here, i stand by what i said, no matter what your trying to say .

You can try as hard as you like , but it is clear as day Pacman took a shot at Habs management .
The guy was in the ahl and told the Habs i don't want to be called up to Montreal ,unless i play 1st or 2nd lines....He was CLEARLY pizzed at Martin playing him on the bottom end in NHL.

Ask yourself this question Mike , how many guys in Hamilton can say that right now,and get away with it .Funny thing was Habs called him up shorty after him calling out the Habs , and he hasn't seen 4th line since....

Sorry Mike ,as i said Pacman was closer to being out that you think, because if the Habs did start 4th lining him again , it was over in Montreal...It was at a boiling point when Pacman burst out in Media ..

Pacman put the gun to Habs heads...Habs listened.

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