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11-29-2011, 05:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Please pay attention to the meat of my post.

I said you are free to hold that interpretation if you wish, but you cannot then use that premise to make other presumptions. Doing so is disingenuous. That is what I wrote in the post you responded to, so I'm not sure how you missed that point and then decided to argue that you have the right to interpret Pacioretty's comments however you wish.

In any event, I think this point has been exhausted, so either you get it or you don't. Back to Leblanc discussion.

I'll end it just as you wish , i leave you with this .
If you want to continue to say i lie,and want to try to talk down to me , and keep saying Pacman didn't take shot at Habs management, i wont wait for your apology.I really can't help anymore.What i said i stand behind 100%...

All the best to you Mike ,LL discussion from here on out .

By Arpon Basu

Max Pacioretty is either brutally honest, or brutally dumb, or both.

Either way, what he did Thursday on live Montreal radio was beyond belief and went against his own best interests, no matter what he thought he may have been doing.

I'm trying to figure out why exactly someone would jump on the radio and talk about how much better he played under a fired coach and how the coach currently in place sapped him of all his confidence and left him a shell of a player?

Did Pacioretty think his comments would get him traded? If so, I wonder what kind of a GM would want a player who comes out in such a public way on the city's No. 1 English sports radio station and disparages your coach?

Did Pacioretty think his comments would lead to further leniency for his errors from Jacques Martin when he did eventually get called up? Or should I now say if he eventually gets called up?

What was he thinking? I'm dying to know.

For those who missed it, Pacioretty gave an interview to Renaud Lavoie of RDS and told him that he would rather spend the year in Hamilton if the alternative was being called up to the Canadiens to fill a bottom-6 role.

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