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11-29-2011, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Green Men Rule View Post
The NBA totally re-did it's schedule from scratch? That I don't understand. Just shave off the games before Christmas as was and be done with it.
Not gonna be even close to the realm of working in reality. They're likely to have each team play divisional rivals four times each (16 games total), then a home-and-home with the other 25 teams in the league (50 games total) for the 66 games.

If they followed your "proposal", then different teams would play different numbers of games TOTAL during the season, in addition to not having competitive balance in how many times they've played various teams. That only happens in the minor leagues, when teams fold mid-season. A major league just isn't gonna have that, period. It should be obvious with half a second's thought - as are many other concepts.

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