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11-29-2011, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
LMAO. Don't try and turn this into some silly mancrush on my part. I was a big fan of Simmonds, but we got Richards. I've been a HUGE Richards supporter since he was in Kitchener. I'd do that trade everyday of the week, even without the benefit of hindsight. If there is anyone I'd mancrush about, it'd be Richards.

It would be stupid of Philly to trade Simmonds back, I agree, but LA taking him back wouldn't be a silly move. The guy had three solid seasons in LA and clearly fit well into the system TM uses. As well, as you pointed out, he's 23. Let's see, get a 23 year old who can post 15 goals, 30 points on the third line and not only fits into your coaches system, but has played in it for three years. Yeah, that's sure stupid of us to get someone like that in, especially with our 3rd and 4th lines playing so lights out like they have.

Simmonds would fit well in here again and we gave him up solely to get a better player. That's it. It seems clear you're not a Simmonds fan, and that's fine, but don't act like he'd be a square peg in a round hole here if he came back.
I loved Simmonds. But at the same time I see what he is. And he is your average run of the mill third liner. He is having a rough season in Philly and he really had a bad 2nd half of last year with the team and didn't look at all motivated or intense. He may fit this system of Murray but it still seems completely ridiculous to get into a re-hash of a trade we JUST made.

I mean, why would we trade Simmonds in the first place if he is as valuable as you make him out to be? You don't think we could have inserted ANY other player from the roster to satisfy Philly? You don't think it would be incredibly silly to give up another prospect or roster player or both to get back a guy we just traded to that team?

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