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11-29-2011, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Those of us who harp on it, mainly me and Sydor, don't care about other teams. We care about the Kings. You score 3 goals, you win a large number of your games, it's simple statistical analysis. Everyone on these boards points out what they feel is the flaw with the Kings, and we feel it's a lack of goal production (largely from the lower lines, thank you tonight Mr. Moreau for alleviating that). We shouldn't speak about what we feel ills the Kings and how we feel the current system in place prevents that problem from being properly fixed? Good luck with that.

Funny how you state that every team with 3 or more goals has a high winning percentage, but at the same time we shouldn't harp on it. You'd think all fans would harp on it, as would DL.
I am as frustrated with you guys at the lack of goal scoring, and if you and I are frustrated then I can only imagine how Dean feels. It is reasonable to assume that with only 5 or 6 more goals scored the Kings would be sitting atop the West right now. That isn't too much to expect from a combination of players that includes Penner, Stoll, Richardson and Lewis.

Things have a way of returning to their norm. The Kings will continue to play solid defense. Richards, Kopitar, Quick, Mitchell, and Scuderi will continue to produce at their norms. Hopefully guys like Doughty, Penner, Stoll, etc. will start producing at their norms soon. Meanwhile it's nice to know that even with their problems the Kings are only 3 points away from an elite team like Chicago. Cause after all they lost from their cup winning team, they are still elite, right Herby? Or are they merely good? Or are they mediocre like the Kings?

These are confusing times for some.

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