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11-29-2011, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
I saw that. I thought it was awful. Mr. Cantin is reading strictly from the record, and not judging the team based on its actual level of play, which is far more predictive of future results, an unfortunately all-too-common mistake of mainstream sports journalists.

I thought it was otherwise a typical superficial, reactionary commentary from the mainstream media. It's very short on facts, as this type of piece usually is, and even the subjective content amounts to little more than .

You'd think they'd have enough experience to notice patterns and not knee-jerk continually based on such a narrow view, but they rarely do. It's unfortunate, because Mr. Cantin didn't even have to go far for a more reasoned and fact-driven evaluation of the Habs; he could simply have asked his colleague Mr. Godin, who had recently authored a much stronger piece describing several factors underlying the start of the Habs' season.

Of course, actual analysis is not nearly as popular with Habs fandom as aimless ranting about how terrible the team is.

Cantin could be right or wrong ,just makes you wonder tho.With ratings down 14 percent , seats i do see empty now as i watch on the Hdtv, Bell Centre not as "alive" anymore.Could the Bell Centre not being as "alive" be due too the raising ticket prices over last few years, and putting in more "higher end suit fans" like in TO??Or is it the game itself?

After reading that article , right or wrongly,this thought popped into my head. Is calling up a local highly touted french kid ,a signal of"corporate" panic? Yes i know he's only going to be on the road out west, but what if it so he can get some sea legs before hits Bell Centre ice?Just something that popped into my head after reading that article .

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