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11-29-2011, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
Obviously it wasn't as easily done as you say or he would of done so. It didn't look like pure head contact to me. He caught some of both, but the position his head went when taking the shot was leaned in towards max's shoulder, it was pretty bang, bang and not something easily avoidable for a player who has already committed to the play.

Sure if you watch the replay in slow motion and break the play down in segments it's easily avoidable, but not at real time speed. If the head was unavoidable or if max could of hit himself elsewhere easily, I have no doubt he would of, max is not a dirty head hunter.
Yet he is being compared to Matt Cooke who is a dirty headhunter.

What really stinks about this is that "the victim" returned to the game and scored the winning goal, after Max apologized to him and acknowledged that he didn't mean to catch him in the head.

Should have been case closed with no need for investigation as there was no penalty on the play.

It was not a dirty play, not even close to being anywhere near what Cooke did to Savard, and when Max says he is "confused" what he really means is "betrayed".

Of course this is the same justice system that saw the guy who broke his neck and caused him to miss half a season not get a game. Getting compared to Cooke, one of the most reckless and dirty hitters in the game, has got to really hurt.

Insult to injury.

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