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11-29-2011, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle West View Post
Yet he is being compared to Matt Cooke who is a dirty headhunter.

What really stinks about this is that "the victim" returned to the game and scored the winning goal, after Max apologized to him and acknowledged that he didn't mean to catch him in the head.

Should have been case closed with no need for investigation as there was no penalty on the play.

It was not a dirty play, not even close to being anywhere near what Cooke did to Savard, and when Max says he is "confused" what he really means is "betrayed".

Of course this is the same justice system that saw the guy who broke his neck and caused him to miss half a season not get a game. Getting compared to Cooke, one of the most reckless and dirty hitters in the game, has got to really hurt.

Insult to injury.
I agree, the problem lies with it being Letang being hit by Pac. If it had been Engelland that got hit, there's probably no suspension, but since it's was on one of the league's up and coming stars on a team that is the elite of the league he gets railroaded.

This was basically a big fu to pac. Not all players are treated equal in this system or any system tptb put forward.

I honestly believe shanny was told to change his ways after some of the preseason suspensions were handed out, he was doing exactly as he should of, then all the sudden **** got grey again. He's just towing the line of his corporate masters.

Comparing the play to Matt Cooke's play on Savard is kick in the nuts and not at all the reality of the situation.

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