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11-01-2003, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
So you're saying lundmark was visible before the carolina game? Hardly. I think sather is putting the kids in a postion to succeed rather than fail. Thats smart coaching. Dude i want every kid to make the roster but unlike most of you i have patience with the kids. The shouldnt be rushed and shouldnt have to much on there plate. Thats smart coaching and it payed off in a big way tonight.
kinda hard to be visible when you get only get icetime that amounts to what it takes to make a cup of coffee.

no one is saying we want a roster of kids but these kids are 22 and 23 not 18 and 19, at some point time starts running out to give them meaningful icetime.

also i dont think people would mind if

a. this strategy had worked in the past for the rangers. it hasnt.

b. if there were legitimate forwards blocking their path. I dont know if martin rucinsky and jan hlvac have exactly "earned" the right to be there with their play. Now if this were edmonton and guys named Smyth, York, etc. were blocking the path of Jarret Stoll then that is a different story.

Lundmark and Moore have EARNED more than they have been given. But it's this catch 22 of they need to light the world on fire to get icetime but how can you can do much of anything on the 4th line with 7 minutes a night?

If the rangers strategy worked i'd be a bit more comforted but nothing in the past few years has lead me to believe they'd "brought" anyone along the right way.

furthermore i dont think either of these kids are exactly in ideal spots. neither one of them is a 4th line grinder and furthermore in order for them to be brought along they actually need to be going somewhere. instead it doesnt seem to change. it's 10 minutes all the time with no upward line movement.

I gurantee you that on any other team {with a clue} they get substantial icetime and there performance as a result is even better {esp with the past three games of lundmark and the debut of moore}.

after so many years you just have to wonder, are all these kids really not that good to warrant better rolls? and if so why does this seem to be the only team that finds these unworthy youngsters?

it starts to become a pretty pathetic excuse when you really look at it.

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