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11-26-2005, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by HungryforHockey25
Richards has a sprained wrist or didn't you know that. These guys even Therien, have had good games. I really don't know what games you guys are watching at all. Flyer fans are too overdramatic.
If it is the sprained wrist that is causing Richards to either skate around with the puck for way to long or to take Branko shots then he should rest and get better instead of being a liability. He is holding on to the puck for way to long, he needs to do something with it, he is clearly a much smarter and better player than the way he has been playing lately, maybe a stint with the Phantoms will help him get his game back. I know those guys have had good games. Radio even had a two goal game but look at the other 20 games he has played. He constantly skates up the ice by himself with the puck and turns it over, sometimes creating fast breaks for the other team. He is supposed be be good on D but it seems like every other time the other team scores, he is on the ice. Therien, I don't see how you can think anybody is wrong for complaining about him. Just keep an eye on him for a little bit and you will see some poor play. Hatcher is on the ice for 25 minutes a game and our d is getting killed. Rathje takes too many stupid penalties but he does have a good +/_, he just isn't worth what he's getting payed. Brashear is getting payed a great deal of money to be our enforcer and how many fights has he had this year? How many guys has he went after for taking shots at our guys? I can't speak for all Flyers fans but I guess I am a little overdramatic. Sorry but I just don't like seeing them lose games that other good teams probably would have won or at least put up a better fight. I'm also mad that I went to Target today and they had Football, Baseball, Basketball, NASCAR, and even Golf cards but no Hockey. Who the hell called this city the best Hockey city. If it is, that is sad. All they talk about on our sports radio stations is the Eagles, and Phillies who don't play again until Spring. Go to a local models and try to find a Forsberg or Gagne jersey let alone Richards or Carter, it's a joke. The Stanley Cup parade should be a private party for real Hockey Fans no posers aloud especially Howard Eskin. Sorry for the long post, I guess I'm just a little more ticked than I should be. Let's Go Flyers!

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