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Originally Posted by 5 Minute Major View Post
As a whole, Drew Stafford has worse numbers than Brad Boyes did and Boyes only garnered a 2nd round pick. Staffords big year was 52 points last season with over 30 goals. That's just 1 season of good production. The rest of his career has been a disappointment.

Derek Roy has not played well this season. I don't care what spin you want to put on it. On top of that he had a severe knee injury last year.

Yeah, a bag of pucks is an old hockey saying that has been around for years and I'm sure you know that.

Now, I answered your question, now why don't you answer mine.

Tell me, what do you expect Roy and Stafford to bring in a trade if they were traded tomorrow. Take into account their salaries as well.
Roy would pull a great return. He's been a 70-point center with a $4m cap hit. I think more than 2/3 of the teams in the league would have some level of interest. I think plenty of teams would make significant offers for Roy.

Stafford has value. He has size, skill, and he's rounded out his game in the last year, adding two-way play and penalty-killing to his repertoire. I don't think he's been bad at all this season, he just hasn't been scoring. But I don't think he'd be viewed poorly for his nightly performances by GMs who are watching him closely. Stafford is like Lupul in that some team will always value him for his tools, so he's not that big of a risk for a team to acquire, even with 3+ years left on his deal. And for all the people who argued that his shooting% last year was not sustainable--and I agreed--he's not going to continue shooting at 6% this year. He'll likely start working his way back to his career average of 12%.

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